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Covid Free health and safety protocol


We have adapted our prevention protocols and hygiene to guarantee the maximum safety of our guests and employees, following the recommendations of experts and institutions related to diseases viral-infectious, including COVID-19.

Our plan of measures:

A) CLEANING AND DISINFECTION: We have adapted and strengthened our protocols for cleaning and disinfection, within which the emphasis is on cleanliness conscientiousness of rooms and common areas as well as the sanitation of same with ozone generating machinery and virucidal pulverizer certificates. We have enabled new elements and protocols to reinforce the security of our guests and employees: digitization of processes and information to avoid physical contact, dispensers of gel, protective material, safe access to the workplace ... We have implemented training programs for the employee self-protection. We are in continuous contact with our training department to keep up to date with the new operating protocols anti COVID-19 and other viral-infectious diseases.


RECOMMENDATIONS for the client for the use of the facilities of HOTEL SIERRA DE ARACENA for the reduction of contagion by SARS-COV-2 coronavirus

1) If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or if you have been diagnosed with it, you have to wear facemask during your stay and maintein safety distance.

2) We recommend to use facemask in all common areas.

3) We recommend to disinfect your hands at the entrance to the hotel.

4) The Capacity of the reception hall is limited to one accommodation unit, which comprises 1 to 4 people.

5) We recommend to maintain the safety distance of 2 meters whenever possible.

6) We recommend payment by card or other electronic means (preferably Contactless).

7) In case you do not want housekeeping service, you have to communicate it to Reception department before 12.00h.

8) We recommend our guests to keep their room key during their stay.

9) Attend to additional instructions from the staff.

10) We recommend to use  hydroalcoholic gel dispensers enabled in each plant.


1) We recommend maximum capacity in the elevator to 2 people except for the same family unit.

2) Inside the elevator, we recommend to keep  safety distance and to use a mask if you are not members of the same family unit.

3) Facilitate the use of the elevator by senior guests, person with a disability or with luggage.


1) Information regarding health care, firefighters, pharmacies and Aracena local police telephone numbers are available in your room.

2) We recommend to keep the air conditioning in an ambient temperature between 23-26ºC.

3) We recommend to ventilate your room from time to time even if the air conditioning system is connected.